Iva Grbesic | Viviscal – My secret weapon for hair growth and volume
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Viviscal – My secret weapon for hair growth and volume

I’m going to start this post by saying I, Iva, have good hair. While my individual hairs may not be thick I have a lot of individual hairs. It holds a curl (sometimes too) well. When I style it I don’t use product and it stays straight or it stays curly. It’s also pretty shiny. So when I was asked the first time to use Viviscal I was curious on what it was going to do. I had turned 40 and my hair texture had changed and I wasn’t a fan.

The results were pretty impressive – my baby hairs grew and those were always an annoyance to me, my hair was even thicker (my hairdresser noticed that right away) and the texture of my hair was smoother. I was happy with the results and I noticed them within a few months. Then I used the Gorgeous Growth Densifying line – shampoo, conditioner and serum. My hair was even thicker. When I curled it after using the line you could visibly tell the difference. Photos didn’t lie and I always recommend the product to people who are looking for a product that will help with thicker hair.


Then I stopped taking the product. I don’t know why.


In the mean time I was dying my hair blonde – using a bleaching agent. It doesn’t matter how healthy and great your hair is this will cause breakage and damage. Plus I am over 40 and the damage is exacerbated. My hairdresser told me last year that she recommended I stop with the bleach and do a less harmful colouring process. I listened to hear and my hair is healthier but the ends are damaged. I have also decided to grow my hair.

Everything was great until I realized my hair isn’t growing as quickly as before and my damaged ends are not repairing as quickly as I would have hoped. My hair has plateaued. So what did I do?


I went back to Viviscal.


I’ve been taking the pills twice daily and using the Gorgeous Growth Densifying line.  I’ve felt a difference, my hair already feels thicker.


If you are experienced hair plateauing, shedding or just have thin hair I would recommend you try Viviscal.

You can find Viviscal at Shoppers Drug Mart or www.viviscal.ca