Iva Grbesic | Kerastase – A lunch and a launch for Blond Absolu
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Kerastase – A lunch and a launch for Blond Absolu

Several years back I was purchasing my shampoo in the drug store or wherever. I didn’t believe the need for salon brands. This after I was spending a lot of money dying my hair blonde at those salons. Here’s what I noticed – colour went brassy and my scalp got really greasy and my ends were really dry. I finally decided to invest in my investment and became a Kerastase believer. My colour holds better and lasts longer and my scalp is not greasy. Breakage is still an issue – so now I don’t bleach my hair and hoping once the hair grows out it’s been solved.

Now I don’t usually write about product launches on the blog. Those I leave on my Instagram Stories but I have become a huge fan of Kerastase products. They had a wonderful lunch to launch their newest product range Blond Absolu.

“Blond Absolu six products,combine in customized rituals to BATHE, TREATand TEXTURIZE blonde hair. Hair is deeply restored. The powerfull ultraviolet neutralizers continuously eliminate brassiness, while illuminating your blonde.”

This is a very comprehensive line that offers all blonde consumers choice.

The Blond Absolu line has also impressed me because it is customizable due to all the choice. The texture, colour and tones of our hair is all different so we need to have options to ensure our blonde is the best blonde for us.

Lastly I just wanted to share some of my favourite images from the event. It was great to learn about a new line from a brand I love.